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To Rick Warren & for the framework, concepts, ideas that helped to frame this marriage series and messages.

Join Us At Hope Church And Discover
 “How To Build A Strong & Healthy Marriage”

July 16, 2006 How Did Things Get So Messed Up? God’s Original Design For Marriage: Four Things We Must Let Go Of
July 23, 2006 Fears: The Fault Lines That Split Marriages - Facing The Fears That Wreck A Marriage
July 30, 2006 When the Thrill Is Gone: The Three Stages Of Marriage And How To Get To Stage Three
August 6, 2006 Sex Begins At Breakfast: Real Solutions For A Loveless Marriage
August 13, 2006 Till Debt Do Us Part: Five Steps To Financial Freedom
August 20, 2006 I Just Want Some Peace & Quiet! - How To Begin Calming Conflicts
August 27, 2006 When Home Is A War Zone: Getting A Handle On Your Anger Once And For All
September 3, 2006 Falling In Love With Your Lover Again: Simple Steps To Reigniting Romance In Your Relationship  (MA – Mature Audiences)
The Hope Marriage Series 2006 has concluded. Thank, you to everyone who helped organize this & to all of the participants who, together, made this one of our most successful series to date.

Hope Church Meets @ Nipomo High School At 9:30 AM In Olympic Hall
For More Info Call 929-2978