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To Rick Warren & for the framework, concepts, ideas that helped to frame this marriage series and messages.
Relationship Nugget #1 We can never drive forward looking in the rear view mirror.  To have a strong and happy marriage we need to let go of the past.
Relationship Nugget #2 Fear always destroys a relationship and makes us defensive, distant, controlling & manipulative. If we are going to have a strong and healthy marriage we must be honest with others and ourselves.
Relationship Nugget #3 Real love is not just in fairy tales.  Real love can and will last a lifetime if we know and determine to have the right ingredients in our relationship.  No one plans for divorce.
Relationship Nugget #4 Marriage has three stages and most couples never make it to stage three keeping them either trapped in a lifeless relationship or causing them to bail out.
Relationship Nugget #5 Debt and money management is one of the biggest stress factors in a relationship. Everyday more and more couples are frustrated, stressed and entrapped further and further in debt.
Relationship Nugget #6 No matter how hard we try every relationship has conflict.  Ignoring or pretending a problem doesn’t exist will never bring resolution or peace in a home, family or relationship. And unresolved conflict will eventually destroy relationship(s).
Relationship Nugget #7 Uncontrolled anger and an uncontrolled tongue go hand in hand.  Nothing hurts and destroys a relationship faster than anger and an out of control mouth. Both are extremely devastating and destructive in relationships.
Relationship Nugget #8 A marriage that has lost its passion and romance can restart the flame but how?  How do we rekindle the love we once had at the beginning of a relationship?